Value Audio is a stage sound and lighting production company running out of Newcastle Australia

Value Audio has been arround since 1978, and offers a professional service when it comes to stage, sound and lighting productions.

Value Audio offers a professional production service, the service we offer entails a PA and lighting system to do the job a sound engineer and a lighting technition to do the job. Value Audio offers a wide range of PA systems and lighting setups, contact us today and find out how we can help you at your next gig!

What We Can Do

We provide a large range of equitment capable of providing you with sound and lighting for: Clubs, Nightclubs, halls (small and large), outdoor events, restraunts reception centers, weddings and all other venus.

No Venue is to large, Value Audio has systems that can be setup outside for up to 6,000 people to hear clearly

Value Audio is a self suficiant company we provide:


Sound Equitment

Lighting Equitment

Projector (on request)



Sound Engineer

Lighting Technician

If there are any inquires about equitment do not hesitate to Contact us!